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Fast shipping! great product - never seen this idea before! - an eBay Customer

Love it - Jamie S from Duquesne, PA; Snootypoochboutique customer

Super Cute! Great product! - Joanna, a buyer on Amazon from Chicago

Love love love this item so much I ordered a second and will order a third!! Gives great light and holds large bags and small. Nice to have on your way out the gate so bags are always accessible!! Great idea with a light!!!!

Tiffany, a buyer on Amazon from Florida.

Bought this to put outside my in-home doggy daycare. The dispenser is holding up so far to the wear and tear of multiple person use. I definitely feel like I got my money's worth. I am glad I bought this instead of an expensive commercial one. Jolen - Pawsh Pets, Virginia

This is a great purchase. Very pleased with its functional value. The material is sturdy and it took just minutes to assemble and mount in the backyard. Solar light does it's job, help locate the unit from a distance at  night.  I highly recommend this product. DN, New Jersey

Product works great. Neighbors have been complimenting us on having this product up in front of our house as it has encouraged others in the neighborhood to start picking up their dog's poop by simply grabbing a bag out of our dispenser. The solar light is just an added bonus! I highly recommend this product to any pet owner and even non-pet owner. - James. an Amazon buyer from New York.

Works as described. LED burns all night, and it is often still on in the morning. Mine is in the full sun all day. Holds two rolls of bags with cores. You still have to open this up to remove the core. No big deal.  This makes using poop bags in the yard very convenient.  - A buyer on Amazon.

Love this thing! Mounted to wooden fence where I let the dogs out. I tried tying leash dispensers to the gate, but they held water too badly in the rain. This thing looks and operates perfectly and holds a spare roll of bags too!.

A buyer from Amazon

Its nice to see a unique and well thought out product in the market.  David AW from California.

Working great for us for about a year, and for our neighborhood, which is full of dog walkers! Tactfully encourages our neighbors with dogs to be thoughtful too by putting this in the corner of the front yard. The LED light is a good marker at the edge of the driveway. We installed it with the the ground stake that came with it and it's about a foot from the ground to the top of the light.- posted by Lulu's Human parents on Amazon

Love the product. I staked it into the ground close to the end of my driveway so I can grab a bag as I take the dog for a walk. Now that its getting dark early, the solar light makes it really handy to see where the bags are. I also keep one in my back patio in the yard attached to the side of the deck so that I can quickly find a bag to clean up. Will buy it for my dog family friends. - posted by Jasmine, September 2014

Very cool product! We purchased as gifts for employees and they loved them.  Peter, a buyer on Amazon.